Terms and conditions

  1. Individual influencer’s income is solely dependent on their performance
    and the number of units sold by them legally, if any order gets cancelled
    due to any reason sale will not be considered.
  2. Sales made through copyright content will be nullified and influencers
    account will be frozen/paused tentatively for the following period:
  • 1 st offence – 3 days
  • 2 nd offence – 10 days
  • 3 rd offence – 1 month
  • 4 th offence – contract will be terminated.
    (Any sales made during this frozen period will not be considered and
    tabulated for incentives)
  1. Age group – participant should be 18+
  2. On Instagram & facebook profile creator/influencer have to
    add/mention edge auto profile link in their bio.
  3. Use of any form of kind of hyper music and songs are strictly prohibited
    in the content videos. Violating which can impose the suspension of
    account as mentioned in the Point 2.
  4. Use of Abusive content is strictly forbidden.
  5. Always use safety gear such as helmet and protective clothing while
    riding our products.
  6. Recording stunts in public space is a prohibited and a punishable
  7. All applicants is self responsible for their activities.
    Important : The amount will be delivered to your registered bank account
    from 1st to 10th date of every starting of the month.
    For Beginners:
  8. New creators can and join and earn from our platform.
  9. Creators can choose videos from our Edge Auto YouTube channel –
    download and upload on their profile mentioning the creators purchase
    link provided by the company.
  10. Regular – any one above 5000 -/ followers on any social media platform
    can join and earn 8% from product MRP
    Bronze- to unlock bronze have to reach limit of 10 unit sold any product within
    45 days.
    Benefits of bronze – after 10 unit sold, we will sent you 49cc bike for free to
    creat and earn more.
    Silver – to unlock silver stage you have to sale 20 unit within 45days .
    Benefit of silver- after 20 unit sold , we will sent you 125cc motocross for free
    to creat more content and boost their performance on our platform.
    Gold- yet to come big acheivment platinum – yet to come acheivment
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